Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost Memories Can Be Regained?

Memories plays a pivotal role in everyone's life. They bring smile on your face and take you back to the same place where you had collected those memories.

Since my childhood i am fond of going to different places and simply love to capture each and every moment in my camera. When i was in school i went to many trekking programmes like skiing, climbing to heights, Parasailing, river rafting etc. All my beautiful and adventurous activities with my friends are captured in the photographs. Whenever i want to refresh my memories i see these photographs.

Sometimes back i bought a digital camera with 32 GB memory card and what i did i stored my all the pics of my past and present both in that memory card. One week ago one of my colleague came to my place, i talked to him and shared my travelling experience with him. In mid of the talk he asked me to show me all the collected memories of mine. I switched on my camera and inserted the memory card in the camera for showing the pics. And suddenly a message shown in the camera screen “memory card error” due to which all the pics got disappeared. I was in a big shock what happen suddenly? For a moment i was blank and thought i have lost everything as those memories were like my life to me. But my friend made me relax by saying don't worry dude you will get your pics back. Then i asked him is it really possible to get the pics back one they have lost. He answered me by saying yes. Then my friend only asked me to not do any further operation on the camera. He told me to off the camera and take out the memory card from it. Actually he was aware of whatever was happening as he too met with the same incident few months ago.

He told me your memory card got corrupted and now a photo recovery software can bring your inaccessible photo's back. He then shared some knowledge about these softwares. These softwares are provided by expert data recovery company. Either you can buy them online or if you know any data recovery company then you can contact them directly. For confirming that whether the software is really worth buying or not first you can try the free version of that software . If it is as per your expectation then only go for the paid version. After getting the information from my friend first i had a look to the software then i called the service provider. They said if you won't be able to recover the pics through the software then bring the corrupted memory card to us , we will recover the lost photos from the card in a risk free way. And the same happen being an non IT person i did not use the software properly and was not able to recover the pics. Then i want to their place gave the memory card to them. They recovered my all the pics successfully. That company name was Stellar Data Recovery.